When starting design of the H150, the modern dynamic rhythm of life was taken into account. The shape of the house follows the function and brings as much light into the space as possible, thus bringing its inhabitants closer to nature. The cleanliness of the form and the rational layout make this house suitable for everyday use. This is the medium H series house with a total area of 235 m2. The living area of the house is 150 m2 and the non-living area is 85 m2. The house that serves the person, not the person serves the house!


Ventilated façades are used for the finishing of façades. EQUITONE [natura] is a large-sized façade material painted in mass. Each plate is unique with inconspicuous texture specific to Eternit fibre cement material. The material conforms to the concept of the house and the principles of sustainable construction.


The car shed and entrance junction are designed to provide convenient and functional access to the cars and entrance in all weather conditions. There is a warehouse for bicycles and other things at the entrance to the house. The car shed is 43 m² in size and is designed for two cars.


The thermal and acoustic insulation of the aluminium structures, as well as water and wind tightness will provide you with the highest level of comfort. Aluminium structures are durable and fire-resistant, and do not lose their functionality over time.


1. Living room 40 m² / 2. Kitchen 22 m² / 3. Hall 20 m² / 4. Utility room 8 m² / 5. Bathroom 10 m² / 6. WC 5 m² / 7. Room 21 m² / 8. Room 12 m² / 9. Room 12 m² 

10. Warehouse 10 m² / 11. Terrace 32 m² / 12. Car shed 43 m²

Total 235 m²


The minimum size of the land plot for placing the H150 house is 35 x 35 m. The entrance to the land plot is possible from three sides. The house can also be produced in the mirror image, creating the best possible placing situation on the land plot. The position of the house in relation to the sun is one of the important aspects that must be taken into account in order to achieve the best possible efficiency for the microclimate of the house.


The costs of the house vary depending on the level of finishing and additional equipment chosen, as well as the location. Our offer includes a house with a full interior finish and a fully equipped heating system, underfloor heating as well as ventilation with recuperation. The façades, terrace and car shed are fully finished and ready for use.



The costs of the house vary depending on the level of finishing and additional equipment chosen, as well as the intended location of the house. Our offer includes the house with full interior and exterior finish. The house is equipped with a heating system, underfloor heating and ventilation with recuperation. The costs of the H150 house start at EUR 1400.-/m² (including VAT). For more information on equipment level and all items included in the price, please contact by e-mail: info@hausnext.com