Our vision we implement with HAUSNEXT is to create a house that is suitable for a modern family. Time is precious nowadays, so we all have to do what we know best. We know how to build modern and efficient houses. From the outset, HAUSNEXT houses are designed with the intention of saving time during both the construction process and house maintenance. The architectural design techniques and the latest technologies used will provide comfort and enhance the quality of life of the house's inhabitants. The HAUSNEXT house serves the person, not the person serves the house.


The houses are made of prefabricated timber frame panels.

The exterior wall structure is made of specially made posts, filled with compacted mineral wool insulation and covered with hardboard plates from outside, and the fibre cement façade boards painted in mass are used in the façade finishing. Plywood that is glued together with special tapes is used for the structural durability of the building and vapour barrier. Prefabricated trusses insulated with mineral wool are used in roof structures. PVC membrane is used for roof covering.

Windows – from profiles of aluminium structure system with high energy efficiency.

The floor structure is made of monolithic reinforced concrete slab insulated with expanded polystyrene.


If you would like to buy one of the houses we have created, contact our specialists so that we can prepare an offer just for you. During the meeting in our office we will tell you more about house building technologies, materials used and finishing levels. We will draw up a work schedule that includes deadlines and costs for the work, as well as project adaptation and solution of other issues. A contract will be prepared, the development of an adaptation project and the production of a factory kit for the house will begin. After obtaining the building permit, we will begin the construction of the foundation. Subsequent processes will take 4–6 months, depending on the intended level of interior finish. Within six months of starting the earthworks, your house will be complete and ready to live.


HAUSNEXT offers prefabricated design houses. We provide a full cycle, starting with consultations on acquisition of a land plot, elaboration of the documentation for adaptation of the selected house, and a full construction cycle on a turnkey basis. Our team of designers and architects will also help meet individual client requirements. For example, individually choose finishing materials, design interior or garden projects. In cooperation with HAUSNEXT, our client receives a full range of services, professional builders and ultimately a quality finished product – a new design house.


HAUSNEXT houses have several features that make a person feel particularly good and comfortable while in them. The ceiling height in all HAUSNEXT houses is 3.2 m. Large windows create a feeling of spaciousness and bring light into the rooms. The layout of the premises is designed to make a person's daily life easier. HAUSNEXT is almost zero energy houses, so heating costs are as low as possible. Forced ventilation with recuperation ensures excellent microclimate. Prefabricated structures ensure a high quality of workmanship; air flow pressure test and thermography are performed after the installation of the house.



The costs of each house can vary, there are different situations and individual client requirements, and the price depends on where the house should be delivered. But these are just the details, most amount of work is known to us and carefully calculated. When meeting with a client for consultation, we will introduce him/her to all the items that determine the costs of the house. The average price of a fully finished HAUSNEXT house is EUR 1400,- per 1 m².



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